The Effortless Sex Swing offers the Ultimate Sensual Experience. Our swings allow those with joint and back problems to regain the passion you once enjoyed. The system enables you to perform in positions not possible in a bed, chair or on a table. Size and weight become less of a problem and more of a pleasure with our sex swing. This swing is rated to hold 450lbs total. It will even straddle a king size bed!!!

Our swing sets up and takes down in about 10-15 minutes and only requires one wrench or socket to do so.

Liners are machine washable "Gentle Cycle" and Tumble Dry.

One-year warranty is offered on the swing and the Hoist has a manfucturers warranty.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or when you are ready to order.

This is the swings most popular attachment.  It enables the man or the woman to be sitting or laying in the swing.  You'll enjoy hours of effortless pleasure.

This displays the suspension cross attachment.  It's perfect for those interested in a little bit of bondage or if you'd just like to experiment with your partner.


This displays the suspension bar attachment.  Good for hanging your lover upside down. Imagine all that blood rushing to your head when you reach orgasmic bliss!!!!

This shows the swing with no attachements.  There are however 4 bondage points for attaching cuffs and strapping your partner in.  Now they have nowhere to go and they're all yours to do with as you wish.

All swing orders are shipped by Federal Express directly to your home in an unmarked box.
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Sheep Skin Liner


Suspension Bar


Suspension Cross


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